Living My Best Life – well its a work in progress!

Living My Best Life – well its a work in progress!

This feels so good, I have finally managed to seize a few moments to write and release. Where do I start? For the past few months so much has happened!!!!

Do you remember my blog – Do What You Love?

I was reflecting on the current state of my life at work. It’s amazing how much can change in four months. I returned calmed and relaxed from Jamaica, only to find out that applications were due in less than a week, for any of the senior roles that I was interested in applying due to our service restructure. The jet lag came and the Easter weekend went before I knew it and I was back to work without starting my application. I work with some amazing people and throughout this process, this became extremely evident. My colleagues were providing me with all sorts of motivation ie speeches, ideas for filling in my applications to literally sitting next to me and forcing me to write anything and then making me re-write it as I was too modest.

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When it came to interviews – I had colleagues endure me practising my presentations, mock interviews, supporting my study and providing me feedback. It had been 5 years since I had last sat at an interview and whilst I remember preparing for interviews, I do not recall them being like you were studying for a final exam in university, do you? The amount of information that I had to research, revise and memorise was astronomical. I can say that for that two-week period I was missing from both home and work lives.

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My life revolved around eating, sleeping and interview preparation. There was no food shopping done, limited play-dates with the boys and I barely cooked. I was hashtag missing mum whilst Daddy took the reins. I felt awful but knew that if I was able to progress, the long-term benefits for my family would compensate for my two weeks of rubbish parenting.

For myself being interviewed is torture – nerves take over and I get brain wiped. As soon as I enter that room and see the panel an imaginary magnet touches my head and I struggle for words. As soon as I have finished my interview normal functions resume, I then cry and talk about all the things I should have said but failed too. All the roles I went for were really competitive and in some instances, I was not just up against co-workers but friends which made this even harder. I trusted my faith and prayed for the best outcome for all parties. I was blessed to have the news delivered to me the day before my birthday, that I had secured my 1st choice role – YESSSS! The excitement was overwhelming and relief immense. What a birthday present – I am still discovering and learning my role but its only been a month. It’s a diverse position, which has the ability to positively impact so many local residents and that is what I most love about it.

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Alongside my application and interview adventures, I still had overdue assignments to submit. I am currently studying a dual qualification Level 5 Diploma in HR Management and Level 5 in Operations Management. This is self-funded course which means all of my studying is done outside of work hours – evenings and weekends. Travelling to Jamaica meant that I had fallen behind on the due date for my next paper. I have been and still am burning the candle in all directions.

I cannot even count the amount of times that I have fallen asleep at the laptop. Most of the time not even recalling the action of nodding off, just being gently woken by my lodger. It is all a juggle but one that has to happen if I want to achieve my goals, dreams and aspirations! Hence why I am living my best life – in progress. I am working to lay the foundations for my best life and having fun on the journey.

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Most of the time it is about the journey and not the final destination. So, no matter where you are on your life’s journey – hold on tight, hitch a ride, grab a friend (or two), enjoy the ride and live your best life! Keep juggling and even if you drop the ball, there will be always someone there to pass you another one.

Love to you all x

14 thoughts on “Living My Best Life – well its a work in progress!

  1. Congratulations on securing your new job. You’re doing amazing! Wishing you and your family more growth and more success along life’s journey 🙏🏽

    1. Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. Your heartfelt comments is truly appreciated, much love x

  2. So, so proud of you, Jus and your continued determination to always better yourself and your family no matter how hard the challenge. You are a true inspiration to me and always will be, my friend. 😘

  3. I am so elated that through all your hard work, you were offered your #1 choice.
    So happy to have woken up to a new blog post by you that I had to immediately read it.

  4. Love it! So good to read about all the hard work that goes on in the background. You’re a real inspiration! x

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