Forty things that I have learnt over the last two decades of my life

Forty things that I have learnt over the last two decades of my life

Right now, I am blessed! Tomorrow I will be reaching a major milestone – 40 years on this earth. This is truly amazing. For me the 20’s was about having fun, enjoying life – pushing boundaries. I travelled to Thailand to live and work for a year and ventured to the US and worked for six months, making some lifelong friends. I experienced my first love, went through major heartbreak when it ended, brought a house and started a career. All while being body conscious, a little insecure and mostly stumbling through life without a set path or goal. Good times!

In my 30’s I started to become surer about myself. I still travelled but started to focus more on my career and personal development. I ticked more things off my bucket list as my expenses were still relatively small. I celebrated my 30th birthday in Ibiza, travelled to Cuba, Kenya, Budapest, Barbados (crop over twice), St. Lucia, spa breaks and purchased a new car. The last half of these years I became a mother to two beautiful boys and went through heartbreak again. It was these years that I started to understand the value of self-love, positive self-talk and embracing my energy.

Photo by Allie on Unsplash

As I head into my 40’s, I feel much more confidence with the challenges of life. I keep faith that the next person I fall in love with is my final, that my career can keep progressing, I can invest in a bigger family house for the boys and I am able to see my boys grown into young men.

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

Over the last 2 decades I have learnt many things and wanted to share these nuggets of wisdom. So here goes my forty for forty.

  1. You are powerful beyond belief.
  2. We have the ability to design and attract what we want into our lives.
  3. Its okay to be vulnerable but choose carefully who you show this side too.
  4. Never trust anyone else’s opinion of something or someone, always find out for yourself.
  5. Practice gratitude daily and amazing things will happen.
  6. You are more than enough.
  7. Never be someone’s option.
  8. Always keep a shit happens savings fund.
  9. Investing is a way to grow wealth, so don’t be scared.
  10. Always prioritise yourself.
  11. Life is fluid so ride the ups and downs – enjoy, learn and know you are loved!
  12. Appreciate the things that matter not materialism.
  13. Try and experience living abroad.
  14. Follow your own expectations not those set by society.
  15. Travel, travel and travel some more.
  16. Always try and think outside the box.
  17. Know that what you focus on will become your reality.
  18. A bikini is just like wearing underwear in public.
  19. You look amazing in a bikini.
  20. Cellulite means your aging well.
  21. Stretch marks mean you have had a blessed life.
  22. Pink gin and elderflower tonic is a delicious low-calorie drink.
  23. Don’t overthink situations, they are usually less complex than you think.
  24. Don’t make a decision from a place of fear – ensure it is through the eyes of love.
  25. Consistency and effort are important traits in all relationships whether friendship or a romantic relationship.
  26. Don’t judge others – you have no idea what they are dealing with.
  27. Embrace self-care and carve out at least 10 minutes for yourself daily.
  28. Always remember that your feelings are valid.
  29. We all know this one – a dance is just a dance, not a relationship!
  30. Take the time to establish your worth and understand what is acceptable to you.
  31. If you want to do, try or go somewhere – do it. Life is too short and if you wait for others it will most likely not happen.
  32. Trust your gut – its amazing how intuitive we all are.
  33. Get and keep your finances straight!
  34. No man can make you better, you must go on your own journey to better yourself.
  35. Toxic people are draining, stay away!
  36. Have fun and save up to treat yourself to the finer things in life.
  37. Live for work not work to live (we have all heard this one before).
  38. Fall in love with yourself before you love some else.
  39. Sometimes you are given what you need, not what you want and it may look very different then you imagined.
  40. Celebrate life!
Celebrating life in St Lucia in 2015

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11 thoughts on “Forty things that I have learnt over the last two decades of my life

  1. Well firstly happy birthday 😊❤, and as always an amazingly well written blog . I love all of the things you mentioned and will most definitely be taking some of them on board for myself. I hope the next chapter of your life brings even more joy and happiness

    1. Thank you for taking the time to read and for the birthday wishes. Hopefully this is my first and last lock down style.

  2. Happy 40th🎉
    Great self reflection – more power to you & more grease to your elbow 💃🏿

  3. Happy 40th birthday. What a great blog – many words of wisdom in your forty nuggets.
    Life is definitely a journey incorporating many heartaches but many joys as well and these make us who we are. Have a fantastic day. You are only 40 but have achieved so much. X

    1. Thank you for the birthday wishes and for reading this post. It’s always when you reflect on what you actually have done that you think – Wow!

  4. A great blog again Jules. Found this inspiring and it made me reflect on whats next. Loved your tips…

    Keep them coming …. x

  5. Happy birthday Juli. Hope you have a fabulous day 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

  6. You continue to inspire and uplift me even when times are tough, my friend!

    Love the list and can imagine you sat next to me reading them out loud.

    When I first met you we celebrated your 22nd in Thailand and it only seems like yesterday.

    40 years old tomorrow but someone who has always made great things out of life, no matter what.


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