Celebrate Good Times!

Celebrate Good Times!

Today I’m celebrating twice…….. Ri turns 4 and the children are going back to school tomorrow. I know there are risk factors, etc… and I want those working in schools to be safe, but to say I am happy is an understatement. The constant juggling has been absolutely exhausting, to the point where I slept for 10 hours last night. I cannot even recall the last time I did that but my body needed it. The return to school should hopefully bring back my work life boundaries, as there will no longer be blurring because I’ve needed to take 2 hours off in the day, which I then make up in the evening. I am also hoping that my grocery bill will reduce, as there will be no hungry requests 20 times per day. How is it children eat only lunch at school and that is sufficient but at home the food requests are hourly?

A three day old Ri

I can see the impact that this lockdown has had on my 6-year-old, especially with the extra screen time whilst I have been on Teams meetings. All he wants to do is look at a screen, I have to force him to go to the park whereas before he always wanted to be active and outside. I am grateful for his little brother Ri, as at least he has been able to physically interact with another child for the last 3 months. I definitely think there will be a settling in period required as many of those social skills children held may have regressed with all the adaptations that have had to be made. I can see the need that children have to play with others, when I take the boys to the park. They make friends instantly by just introducing themselves and the rest is history. I have spoken to them about being cautious but pandemic or not they want to play tag or hide & seek, life through a child’s eyes does not see danger, just opportunities. When it’s put like that, adults could probably learn a lot from children.

Christmas baking with my now 4 year old Ri

Ri turns 4 today and all I can say is wow! Where has the time gone……… in 4 months’ time I will no longer carry the burden of nursery fees. In six months’ time he will be uniformed and heading to Reception. When I reminisce about the day he was born, all I can say is if I’d had that labour with my eldest, I would not be celebrating my youngest’s birthday. I knew what to expect, but I was presented with a plot twist of contractions for two days straight, my waters not breaking and intense pain with only gas & air. I know that in the mothering circles there is a badge of honour of having a natural birth without scientific intervention. I say if you need the drugs, take the drugs – it’s your choice! But I digress. Today I celebrate Ri who I see as a lionheart – he is empathic, loving and slightly cheeky. He looks out for others and gives the biggest, tightest hugs. He wants to be just like his big brother, Ru and he always thinks about him when doing anything. He has amazing pen control for his age and is really good at writing his name. He lights up a room, makes friends easily and is greatly loved.

Ru and Ri

Happy 4th Birthday, Ri – The universe is yours for the taking, keep reaching, keep striving and remember your affirmations. Despite the restrictions society may place on you or the view people may take of you – that is their issue, not yours. You can achieve anything x

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4 thoughts on “Celebrate Good Times!

  1. That was so beautiful. No matter how the world views you, which we know the world is not kind or fair or just-it is his for the taking.
    Happy Birthday Ri 🥳🥳💜

  2. Beautifully written Julie. You are such an amazing mum and a role model for many of us. You’ve always put your boys first and given the more than the average. I’m glad your getting sometime back to focus on you ❤

  3. Another good read and on point. So agree with all you said and I Pray that our young people have a positive start as I am sure many too are anxious. Happy birthday to To and thanks again. Look forward to the next read. X🙏🏾💜

  4. You are an amazing mum and you do so much for your boys now for their future! Happy slightly belated birthday Ri!! Lots of love Gav x

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