Hi I’m Juli – a single mother to two boys called Ru & Ri .

As well as being a mother, cleaner, taxi, cook, event planner, baker and all the other hats us women wear. I have a full-time job working for a local authority.

I started this blog in November 2017 as therapeutic outlet to deal with me becoming a single mother my relationship broke down. I’ve not always been very good at verbally discussing things but have passion for writing and always feel brave enough to say anything, despite how embarrassed I may feel. I had a lot going through my head and wanted to share, not just for myself but hoped my lessons learnt would help others.

The feedback on my writing style has been so positive and the support amazing, hence Mummy Ru and Ri was born. When it comes to blogging, I am a work in progress and will always be learning. But I love sharing all I discover on this journey of life.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a mother, sister, brother, father, friend or alien I’m sure you will find something to enjoy on this blog, so stick around.

I love blogging and write about anything – including motherhood, health & fitness, fashion, budgeting or anything that takes my fancy. I’m all about sharing my experiences!

Much love

Juli xx